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Created in November 2020 as part of Cape Cod Community College Higgins Art Gallery faculty show 'Shoulder to Shoulder'.

Implied is a collaboration between poet and visual artist Keren Macpherson and Scott Anderson. Keren was inspired to write her poem 'Implied' in response to Scott's rope images taken in 2016 on the summits of East and West Lomond, two hills that dominate the Fife coastal skyline close to where Keren lives and works. The Lomonds inspired Scott to go on and create his Munro project 282 Lines.

"What struck me about Scott’s photographs, and the rope, wasn’t so much about what the rope says as an object, nor even what it says about the space it occupies, but what the rope offers after it appears to stop. In the mind’s eye, the line continues; it leads the viewer onwards. This suggestion of space has always fascinated me both as an artist, and as a poet. It represents the unknown, the imagined, a space gravid with possibility."

Keren Macpherson 

All Images © Scott Anderson
Implied © Keren Macpherson
Implied Final.jpg
WEST LOMOND  web.jpg
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