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I Was Here - seven days running

“………. are stories ever definitive accounts of an experience? And what of the models by which we understand the world? What if we are between spatial models and some spaces are nowhere to be seen? Does that mean the place does not exist? What does it mean to be there but lost in space? What does it mean for a place to exist in the first place? ……… Herman Melville quote 'It is not down in any map; true places never are' elucidates this special conundrum in both literal and metaphorical terms.”


Tracey P. Lauriault & Jeremy Wood (2009) GPS Tracings – Personal

Cartographies, The Cartographic Journal, 46:4, 360-365, DOI: 10.1179/000870409X12549997389628

For this series, GPS technology is my drawing tool, using my body (running each day in nature for seven days) to trace a line and record distance, time per mile, location (coordinates) and map movement. Every mile I take a photograph of the ground. A point in time, space, distance and journey. A record and marker of place and experience.

This sequence invites you to reflect on relationships between experience (reality), account (the visual story) and memory (relationship).

8.5 x 11 laser prints

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